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Speccy – an Advanced System Information Tool for Your PC

Speccy is a Windows application that will tell what is inside the computer. When the user buys a computer, he can name the processor and know how much RAM is there and perhaps how big the hard drive is because of ‘spec stickers’ that come with the computers. These spec stickers often tell about the processor brand, model and hard drive size or speed, along with the amount of memory present, graphics card and the operating system.

However, these stickers may get lost and therefore, Speccy provides a solution to the problem here. It will electronically tell you ‘what is inside your PC.

This type of information may or may not be present in Windows. Some of the basic information is found by right clicking My Computer and then going to the Properties. There will be a General tab that will list some stats but it may miss a lot of information that the user needs. Therefore, having Speccy installed can give exactly that information very quickly.

  • A user might need Speccy for a number of reasons. In just a single glance, Speccy may seem to be like an application that is for system administrators and power users. It surely is but the application is also very helpful to the normal users for everyday computing life.
  • If the user needs to add more memory in the system then he can check how many memory slots the computer has and what memory is installed already with Speccy. Therefore, this will help the user to go and buy the right type of memory to add or replace in what he already has.
  • If the user wants to sell the PC then he can use Speccy to quickly list out all the components. If the user is in fact buying the PC then he can use Speccy to check the computer and what label it has got.


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware (a paid version is also available)
Product Speccy