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QiPress – On Screen Display of Key Presses on the Computer

QiPress is a Windows-only program which displays the key presses on the screen. What is different about this application is the fact that it is a portable application and there is no installation or plug-in required. It is a plug-n-play application for Windows. It is a must have tool since it has the ability to control which key strokes to display for the live software screen cast recording or product demos.

There are two types of QiPress application:

  1. Free Versions: this has most of the features for the on-screen key display
  2. Pro Version: it comes with even more advanced versions that are helpful.

Here are the major features which are available in both the versions of QiPress:

  • The user can display any key pressed on key pressed on keyboard that includes num-pad and standard.
  • The user can display buttons pressed on mouse or state of Caps, Scroll Locks and Num
  • The user will be able to display state of Modifer Keys, viz. Win, Shift, Ctrl and Alt.
  • The user will be able to place it anywhere on the screen by simply dragging the interface window
  • Since it is very portable, the user can copy it on the thumb drive and use the application on any Windows computer.
  • The user will also be able to set the background color, size or Text color.
  • The user can set the Transparency and Click Through.
  • There is a choice on display of keystrokes. For example you can choose which to display and deactivate others.
  • There is availability of Static Text for example displaying your website, company’s name or any name on the screen-cast.
  • The application has QiMeter which is a little Odometer that counts the keystrokes. It is very useful to find out if a tablet would do well or if the computer is fine, it calculates the risks of RSI and it can also be used just for fun. The user can reset the Tripmeter as well.
  • The Pro Version has many advanced features such as multi-monitor support, QiManager, Qiffeine, QiLock, choice of 15 fonts and many more.


Requirements Windows (XP Pro and Above)
Languages en-US
License Freeware (Pro Version  also Available)
Developer Aalap Shah
Product QiPress