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PC-Wizard – a Powerful Utility to Analyse Your System Components

PC-Wizard is one of the most advanced system information programs on the market for Windows. It is a very powerful utility designed especially for the detection of hardware for more analysis. It is also able to identify a very large scale of system components and its can support the latest technologies and standards. This tool is also periodically updated to that the users are provided with the most accurate results. It is a utility tool that is designed to analyze and benchmark the computer system for the user. It can analyze and benchmark many types of hardware like cache performance, CPU performance, RAM performance and CD/DVD-ROM performance, hard disk performance, FLASH Media performance and MP3 compression performance and video performance.

  • In the hardware information we can find that the application gives information related to the mainboard/bios., chipset, main memory, memory profiles, cache memory, processors, coprocessors, APM and ACPI, Busses, Mainboard sensors, OpenGL and 3dfx, DirectX, Twain & WIA Devices, Bluetooth Devices, Biometric Sensor Devices, Modem, Virtual Machines and security Scan Ports.
  • The system information includes MCO Devices, SAPI, Passwords, DOS Memory Base, Windows memory, windows Uptime, WinSock, OLE, Activity, Internet Navigator, .NET Global Assembly Cache, Resources, System Files.
  • The System Benchmarks include Processor, Main Memory, Hard Drives, CD/DVD, DirectX, and video, Removable FLASH, MP3 Compressions and VISTA Experience Index.
  • The Cache and Memory are benchmarks that measure the maximum achievable memory bandwidth. The code behind all these benchmarks methods is basically written in Assembly. The Processor has benchmarks that measure performance in terms of Integer millions of instructions per second.
  • There are also many tools that come with this application. It can save, print or e-mail a report to the user. It can save a TXT, HTML, RFT and CSV report. It can also export any graphics as BMP file. It can also Web update the wizard. It is able to communicate with Motherboard Monitor.
  • The application comes in a few other languages that include English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Spanish and Greek. Overall it is a C grade application since it does not have a very strong support and therefore it can definitely use some improvement on that area. Secondly, it can also increase the number of languages that it comes in. Thirdly, the application can use a more user-friendly interface.


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware
Product PC-Wizard