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Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Free Edition

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is the leading scanner application which can easily detect and remove all kinds of malware like Trojans, worms, rogues, spyware and a lot more. The application can downloaded with just a tap from the website and the user can then quickly run a scan. The application comes in two versions: Free and Premium. The latter has even more features to offer because of which there can be even more protection for the users. It is the instant –real-time scanner which can automatically prevent malware from websites and such from infection PC. This Windows application can prove to be very useful.

Here are the main features of the app:

  • Ability to detect and then eliminate malware which other anti-virus would miss on the computer.
  • Ability to block the malicious websites. It can prevent the access to and from known malicious webpages.
  • It offers real-time protection. It can detect malware automatically in the real-time before it infects the computer.
  • It contains the Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit, which removes the rootkits and repairs the files which have been damaged.
  • The hyper scan mode will allow for faster scanning by only looking for active threats.
  • The scan-database update scheduler will enable the user to schedule automatic scans and the database updates.
  • The Malwarebytes chameleon driver will prevent the malware from terminating Malwarebytes or modifying processes. This feature is not found in all other malware software or applications.
  • It contains Advanced Malware Removal. This will employ the latest and industry-leading technology to completely remove the malware code from the computer/.
  • These features are a mix and match in the free and premium versions of the application.
  • The application is easy to install and run without asking the users to make use of all the features himself. The user only has to install the application and then run it. The application will scan the entire computer while employing all the mentioned features and providing results. 


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware (Premium Version is also available)
Product Malwarebytes Anti-Malware