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InstalledDriversList – a Simple Tool that Lists all Device Drivers

InstalledDriversList is a Windows application or a tool that lists all device drivers which are currently installed on the user’s system. The purpose of this application is to list down details of the drivers which are installed.

For example, the application will display the following information about the drivers:

  • Drive name
  • Display Name
  • Description of the driver
  • The Startup Type
  • Driver Type
  • Driver’s Group
  • File name
  • File size
  • Modified Time or the Created Time of the driver file
  • Version information of the driver file.
  • If the driver is running on Windows Kernel then the following information can be displayed on the screen: Base memory address and memory size and load count.

This application is very useful for the users who have a lot of drivers installed and are constant accessing them to get some information and need all the information related to these drivers to be displayed in a very neat and readable fashion. This utility application does not even require any type of installation process or additional file. When the user wants to start using the application file, they just need to run the executable file called InstalledDriversList.exe.

As soon as the user will run the application, it will be able to list all the drivers which are installed on the user’s system. After that, the user can select one or more items from the list and copy them on the clipboard or paste into the Excel or other types of spreadsheet application. The information can also be exported in different types of formats for the user.

One of the interesting features of the application is the presence of the Green, Yellow and Red icons where are displayed along with the information. Here is what they mean:

  • Green Icon: the driver is running on Windows Kernel
  • Yellow Icon: the driver is not running on the Windows Kernel
  • Red Icon: the driver is not running on the Windows Kernel but it should be loaded when the Windows boots up. Also whenever the user sees the red icon, he should know that there could be something wrong with the driver.


Requirements starting from Windows 2000 and up to Windows 8
Languages en-US
License Freeware
Product InstalledDriversList