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GoldBug Instant Messenger – Now no third party can look into your chat communication

GoldBug Instant Messenger is a new Windows Application that claims to have strong encryption services as a central point of its package. GoldBug is a very secure Instant Messenger which user can be sure of since no third party can access or look into the chat communication of this application. The application also claims private user-to-user communication privacy due to using a very strong multi-encryption with various layers of modern encryption technologies of renowned and revised crypto libraries such as OpenSSL or GnuPG.

The following features have been highlighted by the application makers:

  • There is a secure P2P instant messaging chat from friend to friend without relying on any central server.
  • There is full decentral chat and instant messaging network using the Echo Protocol.
  • There is availability to store Email for Offline Friends in P2P Network.
  • OpenSSL
  • Prevention of Data Retention also called VDS.
  • There are HTTP and HTTPS Connections.
  • The user can define and add friends.
  • E2E Encryption is offered.
  • Additional Security Layer with the Gemini-Feature for the Chat-Partners
  • Offers Libspoton Integration.

The application stresses on the encryption of all chat communication to be vital for today’s users who wish to have total control over their communication. Security of information and ability to control the fact of who accesses that information is very important. GoldBug Instant Messenger provides solution to such concerns by having multiple security encryptions in place and certifications. It gives the users the peace and freedom to chat safely because they know that their communication is secure from any prying or unwanted eyes.

Unlike other messengers, this application gives user a total control by promising layers of strong encryptions of their messages. The user gets to enjoy safe communication in the interactive framework of the messenger where he can add friends and do a range of different chat activities.


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware (LGPL)
Developer GoldBug
Product GoldBug Instant Messenger