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FunMouse – The Swiss-army-knife of mouse utilities

FunMouse is an application for windows that claims to change the way a user uses mouse to navigate through his PC system. FunMouse is a whole package of new stuff that the user can do for example assigning extra actions for more than 7 different mouse buttons or adding 36 hotspot shortcuts along with 16 different mouse gestures that are common for the daily tasks. These can even be customized.

Another important feature of this application is “Paste2” which claims to change the way a user searches for anything online. Things like pasting a new screenshot to paint in just a single click or sending text to a Gmail message and instant translations etc. can be done with this feature. It is an absolutely free application that has the following features:

  • Up to 52 shortcuts. The user can assign more than 36 shortcuts on one’s terms on touch, right0or-left click on one of the 12 hot spots on the computer screen’s sides. 16 shortcuts can also be assigned using the mouse gestures for total 52.
  • Paste2: a whole new experience of using the mouse with this new feature awaits the user. It is an integral part of FunMouse which allows the user to paste to any application or website.
  • Distance Travelled: this is a fun way to know how much your mouse has travelled today or since the time the user has started using the application.
  • Busy Fingers: another fun statistics that shows how many times a user has clicked a mouse button or has used the keyboards.
  • The application gives the choice of measuring in Imperial or Metric system.
  • There are options of backup and Restore options. This is important since the user does not want to miss out on the muscle memory once the application has been used for a long time.


Requirements Windows 8, 7, Vista SP2
Languages en-US
License Freeware (Pro Version Available for Donations)
Product FunMouse