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Everything – a Simple and Quick Search Engine for Windows Files and Folders

Everything is a new Windows application that is an administrative tool which can locate the files and folders by the file names instantly for the Windows. It is different than Windows search because “Everything” can display all file and folders on the computer. The user has to type in a search filter to limit what kind of files and folders can be displayed. The application only uses the file or folders names and usually takes just a few seconds to build its database for the user. One of the setbacks of this application is that it does not search the ‘content’. However, on the positive side, Everything uses very little system resources. It can monitor the system changes to accommodate searches accordingly. It is a Freeware and costs nothing to have in the computer system.

In order to search for files and folders in a specific location, the user has to include a “\” (without quotes) in the search string. For example to search for all the avis in the “downloads folder”, the user will type in downloads\.avi and get the instant results.

If the search results return empty then the user can manually enable all the local NTFS volume for indexing. The application can be downloaded for free from the The user can also have access to a number of beta versions of the applications which are specifically for Windows. One of the positives features of this application is that it comes in various languages. The user can download the language pack according to his convenience. This can be exceptionally beneficial if the user is working in an international corporation and needs to deal with a lot of search data. Sometimes, the search data could be in different languages stored in the computer. By downloading the relevant several packages, the user can easily access all kinds of data without a hassle.


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware
Product Everything