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Desktop iCalendar Lite – Free Desktop Calendar

Desktop iCalendar Lite is a free desktop calendar for the windows users and it has been called The Best Free Software of 2012 by

It allows the users to manage the events, to-do list on the desktop for free and also to sync with Google Tasks. The calendar is great because it allows subscribing public Google Calendar and iCould Calendar easily so that the users can see things like upcoming holidays, election or even NBA. The best feature of this calendar is that it is fully customizable and it has skin editor so that the user can select the skin of his taste and choice. This application is fully compatible with standard iCalendar and can work with calendars that are created by Thunderbird Lightening, Apple iCal and Sunbird.

More features of this Calendar:

  • The calendar allows users to see monthly calendar
  • It has iCalendar support
  • It allows the user to subscribe to public Google Calendar
  • It allows for setting icon for event
  • The calendar can give dockable windows
  • It allows a to-do list because of which the user can easily manage their tasks
  • The calendar will give a reminder for the upcoming event
  • The user will be able to sort-todo as well.
  • There is an optional hourly chime.
  • There is an option to customize the skin.

It is absolutely free and can help a great deal in organizing the daily or monthly schedules. This is an easy to use Calendar that is simple and can be customized with just a few clicks. Windows does not have a lot of free applications for the calendars but this calendar is free and is being downloaded by thousands of users every day. That is the reason why it was awarded as the best free software for 2012.


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware (Pro version is also available)
Product Desktop iCalendar Lite