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CPU-Z CPUID – Free benchmark software for system & hardware information, monitoring, reporting

CPU-Z is a free benchmark software for the Windows claims to gather information on some of the main devices of the system. For the CPU it can gather name and number along with core stepping and process. It offers information on package, core voltage and internet and external clocks and clock multipliers. It also has supported instruction sets along with cache information.

For the mainboard it has vender, model and revision along with BIOS Model and date. It offers chipset and sensor along with graphic interface. Its Memory has frequency and timing along with Modules specification using SPD.

Installing this program on Windows is very easy and quick since it comes with an intuitive and easy to sue user interface. The set up can be run on any Windows computer. All users will come to a point in time when they would require information on their computer and about the devices that they have in their system. This application can prove to come in handy for exactly that. It gives information that can be quickly accessed related to the CPU, mainboard and memory.

In order to install this application, the user has to download the set up file which takes a few minutes and then go on to the installation process. Another feature of this application is that it allows for the special key shortcuts:

  • The F5 key will allows the user to save a screenshot as bmp file in the application directory.
  • The F6 key will make copies of the current page in the clipboard for the user.
  • The F7 key will save the validation cvf file in the current directory of the computer.
  • The F9 key will switch between the CPU clock computation methods.
  • The application also has the cache latency computation which allows the user to gather information about the cache hierarchy of the system. For each cache level, the application will provide its size and latency. However, the code cache will not be reported.


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware
Product CPU-Z