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Clonezilla – a Free and Open Source Software for Disk/Partition Imaging and Cloning

Clonezilla is a disk imaging/cloning and partition program that can help a user perform system deployment, bare metal backup and recovery as well. There are two types of Clonezilla available Clonezilla Live and Clonezilla SE. The former is more suitable for the single machine backup and restoration. The latter one is better for massive deployment and it has the ability to clone more than 50 computers simultaneously. Clonezilla can save and restore used blocks or hard disks. This can increase the clone efficiency. It can restore at a high speed as well to as much as 8 GB/min.

Other features include:

  • It is a free software
  • It supports many types of File systems.
  • It can support the LVM2 under Linux.
  • It has a boot loader which includes grub (both version 1 and 2) and syslinux that could be reinstalled as well.
  • Both GPT and MBR partition format of the hard drive are supported fully. Clonezilla live can also be booted as uEFI or BIOS machine.
  • It also supports the unattended mode. All steps can also be given through commands or options.
  • The application has one image restoring to multiple local devices as well.
  • One of the great features is that it supports Multicast in Clonezilla SE which is suitable for a huge close. The user can also remotely use it to save or perhaps restore a bunch of computers if the PXE and wake-on-LAN are supported in the clients.
  • The image file can also be on local disk or samba server, ssh serve and NFS server.
  • It is based on the default Partclone and Partimage and ntsclose/dd to image or clone partition. But, Clonezilla contains other programs as well that can save and restore not only the partitions but the whole disk.
  • The application has some limitations to it. The destination partition must be equal or larger than the source one. Also, the application does not have incremental backup implemented yet.
  • Due to the image format limitation in the application, the image cannot be mounted or explored.


Requirements X86 or x86-64 processor + 196 MB of system memory (RAM) + Boot device
Languages en-US
License Free (GPL)
Product Clonezilla