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CCleaner – Protect your Privacy Online and Make your Computer Faster and More Secure

CCleaner is a cleaning tool that is designed for Windows PC. It can protect the user’s privacy online and can also make the computer super-fast and a lot more secure. The application is easy to install and use. Here are the main features of the application:

  • The application can clean Internet Explorer. In that, it can clean up temporary files, cookies, history and super cookies. It can also clean the autocomplete form history along with index.dat files.
  • For Firefox, it can perform the same functions of cleaning the history, cookies and temporary files along with download history and history form.
  • For Opera, it can delete the temporary files, super cookies, download history.
  • It also cleans Safari by deleting the temporary files, cookies, history and super cookies.
  • There are a number of other supported browsers that this application can easily work with which are K-Melen, Rockmelt, Flock, Google Chrome Canary, Chromium, SeaMonkey, SRWare Iron, Pale Moon, Netscape, Phoenix, Navigator and Maxthon and Avant.
  • For cleaning Windows itself, the application will be able to clean the recent documents, recycle bins and temporary files. It will also deleted the file extensions, ActiveX controls, ProgIDs, Uninstaller and Help files, applications paths, Icons, Invalid Shortcuts and Fonts.
  • The application has extended service of cleaning up the third party applications. It can remove the temporary files and recent file lists from many applications that include the Windows Media Player, Google Toolbar and Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, WinRAR, WinZip, Nero and Microsoft Office.
  • The application is 100% spyware free. It does not company any type of spyware, adware nor the viruses which can be pretty annoying.
  • The application is pretty easy to install and use and the user will be able to delete and clean up most of the application within the Windows that can slow down the performance of the windows. It is a great program that every windows owner should have especially because it is free. Most of the other similar applications are full of hassle. They come with Adware which can be very annoying and therefore not appropriate.


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware (Professional version is also available)
Product CCleaner