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Bvckup – for Simple Fast Backups

Bvckup is a useful Windows software that is fast, real-time backup storage system. The application has a lot of great features that can prove to be really handy for the users.

  • It has real-time and manual or periodic manual backups. This means that the application will continuously monitor folders for any changes and updates the backup copies immediately after the original ones are modified. The program can also run backups at fixed time intervals to.
  • Secondly, the application has Delta file copying system in place. This can reduce the amount of data that is being transferred by copying modified parts of the files only. This can also speed up the backup dramatically.
  • The application allows for the precise file replication. This means that it is will copy not only the file data but will also copy the attributes timestamps and ownership information.
  • The applications intelligent error handling and that can be really useful for the users. If there is an issue with a specific file then it will not preclude the rest of the backup from completing. The program is intelligent enough to differentiate between the file-specific and global errors and can handle them differently.
  • The program is very small and light and can closely integrate with an operating system so minimize the run time.
  • It has a very powerful and intuitive file filtering that can specify an exact set of files to be back up using simple folder filtering.
  • It calls for streamlined and uncluttered user interface. The program is specially designed around the simplicity of a day to day use. It can clear status indication, concise error reporting and has one-click access to detailed status information when the user reads it.
  • It is NAS and HDD friendly. This will eliminate the non-required spin-ups of idle hard drives by not going to the destinations when there are no local changes made.
  • There are a lot of software updates so that the user can update the copy of the program.
  • The software does not have a lot of requirements. It can run under regular user accounts.


Requirements Windows (Windows XP or newer)
Languages en-US
License Freeware
Product Bvckup