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ALLPlayer – a Video Player for All Files

ALLPlayer is a new free media players developed by ALLCinema. It is compatible with all Windows computer platforms. This particular window app is growing in popularity because it can be used to play all types of known formats without a hassle. It is also known as the first ever player which enables IQ Text function – not something we see every day in other applications.

ALLPlayer has also built in connection to which allows the user to watch movies with instant subtitles. That is really useful and the application has ensured that it is catering to diverse customers all over the world who speak different languages but yet need to watch movies and have an unlimited choice. By adding this feature, the application has enabled the users to choose from a wide variety of movies and watch it all freely in any format and with subtitles.

The application also has a subtitles Speaker which is a new function that can allows the children to actually hear the subtitles. This is definitely one of the cutting edge technologies that are being provided by Ivona.  All that the users have to do is download video files for YouTube on the PC and a special plug-in and the user is then good to go.

This application is supported by LiveUpdate. That will update the latest codecs if there is any problem with opening a movie file. The application has AVI Doctor which can help when the user is downloading a movie from torrent file and wants to preview the movie. Other features of the application are:

  • Includes Audio Player
  • Has Video Player
  • Supports optical media like CD and DVD
  • Can support audio file types like MP2, WMA and AVI
  • It can support video file types like AVI, MOV, MP4, MPEG, FLV, MKV, and RMVB.
  • Another cool feature is  you can use your android smartphone with this player as a remote controller. Check more details here

One little glitch that we find is that this application requires a separate flash plug in to play the FLV files which can take additional time and sometimes can be frustrating if the user encounters a problem. Apart from that it seems like a relatively good application to download on Windows since it combines all basics of what is required to have in a video player application.


Requirements Windows (All Versions)
Languages en-US
License Freeware (Elite Version also Available)
Developer ALLPlayer Group
Product ALLPlayer and ALLPlayer Remote