Policies for Publishing

  • AppWikia.com has the copyrights of the contents (texts and images on articles).
  • Software information (combination of texts and images) is published as our editors pick up or the software developers requested to publish their product review on AppWikia.com. Site users can visit official developer’s website for further support by following the post on the AppWikia.com.
  • We do not host any of the downloadable files on this site server. We only provide useful software information to users. Site users can follow the official developer’s website for further support and details on how to download and use the software.
  • We do not host or promote any illegal-copyrighted materials, files on AppWikia.com. Software, which is related to sharing or streaming copyrighted material such as Television shows, movies, audio files and any other copyrighted material are not allowed to be published on AppWikia.com. In addition, if such software is found at AppWikia.com then that software information will be deleted permanently from AppWikia.com as it is against the AppWikia.com policies.
  • AppWikia.com has full right to do the modifications to the app publishing policies whenever it is required.