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Weather Live Wallpaper – 3D Weather Live Wallpaper with Awesome Weather Animations

Weather Live Wallpaper is a popular android application that is designed for to run on all types of Android platforms like tablets and mobiles. The concept of this application is to show the 3D weather with weather animations so that the user can get to know about the local weather in an animated and nice way. Here are the main features of this application:

  • The application has a lot of weather animations
  • It contains clocks and countdowns so that the user can get the max out of the weather application
  • It shows temperature as well as weather forecast for up to 7 days. The user can set whether he wants to see these two options or not. Otherwise, these can always be viewed in the settings.
  • The user has the option of changing the background color from the many given ones.
  • The user can also choose whether moon or sun should be shown or the particles direction must be changed on the sunset or sunrise times.
  • The application is very interactive and the user can tap on the clock and countdowns to see the setting of the particle light explosion and change between clock and countdowns.
  • The user has the option to slice and rotate the 3D view which is really great.
  • The user can customize all the designs.

The application is great and does not only serve the purpose of being weather live wallpaper. It also allows the users to easily personalize the background with wonderful animations and a lot of user information that can change every day. Some users want to see temperature only while other require more animation so that they could just look at the wallpaper and know how hot or warm or cold it is. This application can provide all that.
However, like all applications that are live, one of the downsides of this application is that it will drain the battery. Since there are many animations included, the battery life of the mobile would not be able to keep up at the same pace.


Requires Android 2.2 and up
Content Rating Low Maturity
License Paid
Developer Aqreadd Studios
Product Weather Live Wallpaper