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Screenshot – Taking screenshots has never been this easy

Screenshot is an Android application by LoveKara that has really taken off recently. The application has over 100,000 download and comes with an average 4.4 rating. The concept of the application is pretty simple. It takes screenshots within the smartphone and claims to have the easiest way of doing so. Let’s check it out:

In order to take screenshot, the user has to touch the shot icon (only support on rooted phones and OS 2.3) or the other way the user can take a screenshot is by pressing the power button and volume down button both at the same time – which is pretty much standard. However, there is a third way: the user can also press power button and home button at the same time and take a screenshot. This method is very common for the Samsung phones.

Apart from that, the user can also specify the folders in which the screenshots will be saved as images. This can be done by going in the settings of the application and then specifying the folders from that.

One of the unique things about this application is how it allows you to preview the screenshot before you can decide whether you want to save it or not. Most of the similar applications do not allow for that option which means that if you have taken a screen shot by mistake you will have to go all the way back into the folder you specified earlier and delete it from there. That can be a hassle at time because when you do not delete the extra screen shot instantly, that will take up unnecessary space in your phone.

Other features of this application include the ability to be able to crop the image when you have taken it to remove any unnecessary information. Thank god for such new feature! Otherwise taking a screenshot and having the top bar showing battery level and time still in the picture was really irritating because then you will have to open up the screenshot in another application to crop that part out.

This is a pretty basic and simple application that all Android users can have in their phones especially if taking screenshots from their built-in system is difficult.

Screenshots (taken by the same app)

Requires Android 2.3.3 and up
Content Rating Everyone
License Free
Developer Visit LoveKara
Product Screenshot