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Dolphin Browser – Mobile Internet Browsing Made Easy

Dolphin is for Android devices and it is a mobile browser that makes the web surfing very easy with a personalized screen along with voice and gesture control. On and off it has ranked as number 1 mobile web browser on the Android market. There have been more than a million downloads on Android for this browser.

The browser has been known for its high speed and giving a great experience to the users for browsing and searching the web. It is a free browser and there is no cost attached to it. It is often said that Dolphin is more stable than its rivals like Firefox and Chrome. Although there are frequent updates, the issues are still fixed quicker than Google Chrome.

Here are the main features of the browser:

  • The browser has gesture control and the user is able to have the access to web by creating a personal gesture.
  • There is an availability of voice search because the browser listens and lets the user share things on social networks.
  • The browser allows for one tap share on the social networks like Facebook, Tweet and many more. The user can also directly save it on the Box or Evernote.
  • Like all other browsers, Dolphin also offers tabbed browsing. Sometimes it is very difficult to handle several or multiple browser pages especially on mobile phones. With the tab facility, the user can open one page with several tabs and therefore, browsing becomes very easy.
  • One of the best things about this browser is the add-on feature. The user can easily beef up the mobile internet browser experience by installing add-ons for the tasks that are needed at the finger tips. There can be more than 60 in counting. These add-ons allow the action to take place with just a single tap of the finger.
  • The user will be able to have a customized home screen and a whole separate theme with colors, wallpapers or skin.
  • There is a web app store available for the Dolphin browser.
  • There is a send to device feature which can send links, numbers and maps or more from desktop to the phone and vice versa.


Requires Android Varies with device
Content Rating Low Maturity
License Free
Developer Dolphin Browser Team
Product Dolphin Browser