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Character Maker – Make 3D Characters on Your Android Device

Character Maker is a new Android application that has a current average user rating of 4.4. Considering that this is a new application, a rating of 4.4 is pretty good. The new application basically allows the users to make characters and draw them on their tablets or smartphones. The application also goes on to teach how one can draw the characters.  It is a very useful application especially for the people who love drawing and would want to make their own characters like the ones that they see on the television.  However, not everyone has the talent of drawing those characters from scratch on paper. Therefore, Character Maker came up with a solution.

The application gives a range of options to the users to make great cartoon characters with the help of tools such as draw, lines, object mode, pen mode, output mode etc. Using these and many other drawing tools, the user can come up with a concept of a character and slowly built on it. One of the best things is that the user can improvise with the features and characteristics of his character. The erase tool allows the user to neatly erase any feature that he does not want to be on his character any more.

With this application, the user cannot only draw the character and its face but its whole body with proportions and angles. Therefore, by making few characters, a whole comic and scene can also be made by the user. This is a great application for those who are learning how to draw and would be looking for career in character drawing. Here are the main features of this android application:

  • The user can draw 2D character with a 3D angle system from this application.
  • Using the Object Mode, the user can make or create the character’s body and place it where the user wants and define the angle.
  • Tools like Pen and Draw can allow the user to change drawing style.

The developer has posted several videos to demonstrate how to make a character or draw one using the application.


Requires Android 4.0 and up
Content Rating Medium Maturity
License Paid Application
Developer ArtiPunk
Product Character Maker – How to draw