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Battery Doctor (Battery Saver) – FREE Battery Saving App that Can Extend Your Battery Life Up to 50%

Battery Doctor is a mobile application for android that has so far more than 150 million download. It is a very professional power manager and is known to be the best free battery saving application that truly has the capability of extending the battery life. Because of the applications that are always running in the background, the battery of mobiles can drain very quickly. Often the user does not know this and therefore has to face the disadvantage of losing the battery and getting frustrated. Battery Saver can easily manage the applications and mobile’s battery effortlessly. Here are the main features of the application:

  • The application has the ability to accurately measure and estimate battery remaining time so that the user knows exactly how much battery is left in the mobile phone. He can also install the widget for this.
  • The application also has a task killer which can easily stop the applications that run in the background and drain the power while the user is not really using them.
  • There are three unique charge cycles offered by the application which can boost the battery life of the mobile.
  • There are a lot of widgets which can improve the battery performance with just one tap.
  • The application will simply accelerate the speed of the device.
  • The application also indicates how much battery power will be extended if the user shuts the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi and other applications down.
  • For user, the application gives the software and hardware information.
  • The remaining battery time is accurately estimated while giving a professional charging to the mobile phone.


Requires Android 2.1 and up
Content Rating Low Maturity
License Free
Developer Cheetah Mobile
Product Battery Doctor (Battery Saver)